Short Breaks Australia

Looking for short breaks in Australia? We review a comprehensive range of travel ideas and accommodation options throughout the entire country, from luxury beach villas and private holiday houses for rent, to the most exclusive inner-city penthouses and laid back camping grounds, our range of options will have you planning your next trip with ease and excitement.

We only deal with the most desirable options to ensure that you will never be disappointed with your short breaks Australia wide every time. All the places we review offer impeccable service with spectacular views and a great range of amenities and activities in the local area.

If you're in Melbourne you should definitely consider a relaxing boat cruise. The city has some beautiful waterways such as the Yarra River and Maribyrnong River, not to mention the beautiful Port Phillip Bay. There are regular cruises for the general public or you can hire a vessel for a private function, and invite all your friends. For the keen fisherman, another idea is to look at fishing charters in Melbourne, hiring a boat to take you out on the bay. Williamstown Charters is one such company, with a sizeable boat and friendly skipper. Leave from Williamstown, Docklands or even Port Melbourne, and enjoy a day on the water fishing. It's not only exciting and relaxing, but it means you can potentially take home your dinner!

Williamstown Charters is also a great idea for a work break up party at the end of the year.

For an even bigger adrenaline rush, why not try riding a jet boat in the bay. Melbourne has some great open water activities and there are none more invigorating than skipping over the waves at fast speeds. A jet boat Melbourne company will provide you with this opportunity, and whether you are on your own, or in a group with friends or family, you can all go boating together. Children are welcome and there are safe designs which will make sure you're fine as the vessel does exciting 270 degree spins and reaches top speeds out on Port Phillip Bay.

Looking for a relaxing trip, then you might want to consider a rural holiday, such as the country town Seymour in Victoria. It is small but quaint and has lots of historical things to check out, and also a peaceful place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. There are regular events such as the Tastes of the Goulburn wine festival, the Seymour Cup and the Babies and Children Expo. There are a few good accommodation options such as the Seymour Caravan Park if your budget is low or the lovely cottage in the centre of town.

While on holidays, why not catch a performance by one of Austalia's many musical artists? For folk and blues we recommend Levi McGrath, for indie we recommend The Glorious North. Plenty of other great singers around too, so check out their gigs!

Places with a relaxing feel that let you escape are some of the most popular travel destinations in Australia. This is because with our hectic Western society lifestyle, we seldom get the chance to relax, recharge and rejuvinate! Health retreats can be an excellent place to get away to for a short break, allowing the individuals to experience of full range of treatments and natural therapies.

Some of the more popular services at a health retreat include massage, spa, detox, colon cleanse, meditation, yoga, counselling or a simple pampering. All these can contribute to a successful break away from your hectic lifestyle, and help relax your mind and body, ensuring your physical health is maintained.

My favourite service when visiting a health retreat would have to be massage. It is one of the oldest healing traditions being used centuries ago by Egyptians, Chinese and the Ancient Greeks. These cultures were convinced of the therapeutic features of massage, and regularly used it to treat a vast array of ailments.

When traveling a lot you can become tired and your body fatigued. Bags and dark circles under the eyes can be the first sign of this. It can be hard to get enough rest when you're fitting in a million things on your short trip, but you also want to look your best. Magneteyes is an active skin care solution that is perfect for use when traveling, and ensures those bags disappear from under your eyes. It's a great travel accessory, being very small and easy to apply for just 30 minutes at a time.

Massage works by soothing soft tissue and helping relaxation. Releasing muscle tension can go a long way to breaking the pain cycle and making you feel better. The main benefits include:

  • reduced tension of the muscles
  • improved circulation
  • higher flexibility and joint mobility
  • reduced depression and anxiety
  • faster healing of soft tissue injuries
  • better skin tone

    Restaurants and other places to dine

    When visiting another city in Australia, one of the most important choices you will make is where to dine. Your travel experience can be influenced by your culinary experience, which means choosing a good restaurant is of the utmost importance. Melbourne is one of the most culturally diverse cities not only in Australia but around the world. So it's not surprising that it offers a highly eclectic dining opportunity.

    People love eating near the water, the calmness usually makes the dining experience very relaxing and enjoyable. In Melbourne there are plenty of places including Southbank, Port Melbourne and the Docklands. For the casual diner, Rex Hunt's fish and chip shop is a lot of fun, or for a classy waterfront Port Melbourne restaurant you can't go past Hollyhock. It is a new place on Station Pier and has an affordable but elegant mainstream meal with spagetti matriciana, duck risotto and the deluxe parma some of their delicious offerings.

    If you're not a fan of the water, try something inner city. Little Bourke Street is the centre of "China Town" with an array of Asian restaurants to suit all budgets and Lygon Street in Carlton has your Italian needs sorted. Go for a nice evening stroll and the staff will undoubtedly offer you a complimentary bottle of wine or free entrees to dine in their establishment.