Security For Your Home

When you go away, ensuring your house is secure should be high on your list of priorities.

Ways to improve security:

Tell your neighbours when you go away

This is the cheapest and easiest but can be the most effective security measure. If your neighbours know that you're going away, they can look out for any suspicious activity or people on your premises. Make sure you tell them if you have someone going away to "feed the cat" so they don't call the police unnecessarily!

Lock all your doors and entrances

This may seem obvious but it's amazing how many times people go away and leave a gate or window open. Check thoroughly!


Keep your car parked in the driveway

Having a vehicle in the front yard can make it look like someone is home, and deter people snooping around.

Invest in a security system

A home security system with an alarm can be a great way to protect your home while you're away. Even if someone gets in, it will trigger the alarm and they definitely won't stay long!

Recommended places for security systems:

Cowley Security
All Sec

Get a security light

Having a security light that goes on in the evening will also give the illusion there are people home. Make sure it switches off around midnight, otherwise if it runs all night it looks like an obvious security light!

Keep your home safe and enjoy your holiday!